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Welcome to Family Self Defence Academy

 As a new student there are many procedures, rule, and practices that you will need to learn and internalize. It is important
that you be very clear on expectations and procedures for you to become a disciplined martial artist.

We understand new environments can be uncomfortable for some people. We would like you to enjoy your training and feel comfortable at our academy. Hence, we would like to ask you to bring up to 3 friends or family members to train with you, one week free each.
To book your friends please call us on 02-97447055 OR email: info@familyselfdefence.com.au

All uniforms need to have the Family Self Defence (FSD) logo on the back of the uniform in good condition.
All Uniforms need to be neat and clean with belts tied properly. We suggest that they be cleaned after every class.
As a new student you are required to wear an all white FSD Uniform.

Family Self Defence Academy has put in place various risk management strategies, including preventative measures, to minimise the spread of COVID-19, Read More…

Every three months you can be tested for a new belt ranking. The grading week will be posted one month in advance. To be prepared for your grading, you should have; 1) a minimum of 22 lessons since receiving current ranking; 2) respectful attitude in
class; 3) achieving the required physical proficiency; 4) loyalty and dedication to the FSD schools; 5) satisfactory completion of additional responsibilities as a martial artist; 6) satisfactory completion of “Intent to Promote” form (under 18 years old); 

Teens and adults can access the grading requirement by going to this link: https://familyselfdefence.com.au/members/teen-adult-curriculum/
The password is: fsd

Always be respectful to instructors and to other students. All Black Belts should always be referred to as Mr.”____” or Ms.”____” – or, where appropriate Master_______________. 

Always answer a Black Belt with “yes, Sir” or “yes, Ms.”  Always bow the Dojang (Martial Arts School) upon entering or leaving the Dojang. Always bow the mat upon entering or leaving it.

Do not wear shoes on the teaching floor (unless approved in advance by the head instructor for medical reasons.)

Your most important goal during the first few months of your orientation as a white belt is to qualify for Family Self Defence’s Black Belt Club.  Qualifying for either is like being accepted into Harvard University. It is recognition that you are accepted into our Black Belt family.


Every month the instructors will be selecting members with exceptional skills and have attained at least FULL RED belt to be part of this team.  Being part of the leadership team would help accelerate the process of attaining higher belt rankings. For Black Belts this can pave the way to attaining higher DAN status.  As part of the Leadership Training Team, you will be ask to assist in other class levels and act as mentors and assistant instructors.

Twice a year, FSD will host a tournament, to showcase all the skills and techniques you have gained and learned for the year. These events are announced 2 to 3 months in advance. Participation is optional but we highly encourage all members to participate.  Those that participate will have a chance to pass their grading with a higher mark.  The format is designed so that it becomes a more festive and fun event. 


A) Home Observation Forms: This is a 12 weeks form. Please explain it to your child and mark it weekly. Please put it on your fridge so your child can see it his/her progress as well. You need to bring the form back to us during the first week of each calendar month. Your child will receive his grading stripes if 95% of the chart is ticked.

B) Personal Development Charts: These are 7 days charts each. Please explain them to your child and help him/her to successfully complete the tasks. Your child may not be able to complete them without your help.  Please bring the forms back to us after 7 days when they are finished so child can be awarded.

Family Self Defence Academy via a payment gateway looks after the direct debit payments. Your bank statement may show “Members Management” OR “Family Self Defence” OR “Integrapay”.

To avoid mistakes and misunderstanding, we ONLY accept membership or payments amendments via email. So please DO NOT call, text, or talk to instructors regarding membership or payments amendments. Please ONLY email your request/inquiry to info@familyselfdefence.com.au. Please make sure your email includes a) member’s full name b) his or her date of birth c) the club / suburb he or she trains at.
If we don’t get back to you within two working days, it means we haven’t received your email yet.

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