Welcome to Family Self Defence Academy


 As a new student there are many procedures, rule, and practices that you will need to learn and internalize. It is important that you be very clear on expectations and procedures for you to become a disciplined martial artist.

1) Uniforms: All uniforms need to have the Family Self Defence (FSD) logo on the back of the uniform in good condition.
All Uniforms need to be neat and clean with belts tied properly. We suggest that they be washed and ironed after every class.
As a new student you are required to wear an all white FSD Uniform. In the first few weeks we will evaluate to see whether
you qualify for our Black Belt Club program or Leadership program. If so you may be allowed to wear a Blue (signifying
the Leadership Program) or Red Uniform Top (signifying the Black Belt Club program) – after acceptance and registration
into that program.

2) Exams: All students test every three months for new belt ranking. The test date and time will be posted one month in
advance. Testing requirements include: 1) a minimum of 22 lessons since receiving current ranking; 2) respectful attitude in
class; 3) achieving the required physical proficiencies; 4) loyalty and dedication to the FSD schools; 5) satisfactory
completion of additional responsibilities as a martial artist; 6) satisfactory completion of “Intent to Promote” form (under 18
years old); 7) The completion of reading requirements and associated written tests.

3) Reading Requirements. To achieve Black Belt there are a variety of reading assignments of material by respected authors
that support our program. As an orientation student we suggest that the student – or, parents read the following books:
“What to Say When You Talk To Yourself” by Dr. Shad Helmstetter and, “The Psychology of Winning,” by Dr. Denis

4) Martial Arts Discipline and respect: Always be respectful to instructors and to other students. All Black Belts should
always be referred to as Mr.”____” or Ms.”____” – or, where appropriate Master_______________. (“Master’s designation
is earned after 4th Degree Black Belt – for contribution and knowledge.) Always answer a Black Belt with “yes, Sir” or “yes,
Ms.” Always bow to the flags upon entering or leaving the school floor. Do not wear shoes on the teaching floor (unless
approved in advance by the head instructor for medical reasons.)

5) Leadership Program and Black Belt Club: Your most important goal during the first few weeks of your orientation as a
white belt is to qualify for Family Self Defence’s Black Belt Club or Leadership Program. Qualifying for either is like being
accepted into Harvard University. It is recognition that you are accepted into our Black Belt family.

6) In-house Tournaments and other events: Each year Chief Master Keyvan Mirzai hosts events for the Family Self
Defence student body including: In-house Tournaments two or four times per year. These events are announced 2 to 3
months in advance. Participation is required for all Family Self Defence students. An annual Black Belt Extravaganza and
Family Self Defenceawards Banquet. Held to celebrate newly graduating Black Belts and to recognize outstanding
contributions within our student body and staff. Please plan on attending the extravaganza to support your instructors and
assistant instructors and to aid in your personal goal setting. The Tournament participation and spectator fees, which must be
paid prior to participating. You may register for either event at your academy. Many additional Leadership and Black Belt
Club events are held each year – open only to students accepted into those programs.

7) (For Children) Home Observation form: This is a 12 weeks form. Please explain it to your child and mark it weekly.
Please put it on your fridge so your child can see it his/her progress as well. You need to bring the form back to us during the
first week of each month. Your child will receive his grading stripes if 95% of the chart is ticked.

8) (For Children – ) Personal Development Charts: These are 7 days charts each. Please explain them to your child and help
him/her to successfully complete the tasks. Your child may not be able to complete them without your help.
Please bring the forms back to us after 7 days when they are finished so child can be awarded.

 9) Billing & Payments: Family Self Defence Academy via a payment gateway looks after the direct debit payments. Your
bank statement may show “Members Management” OR “Family Self Defence” OR “Integrapay”.