Shekhar Shenvikerkar

In August 2017, Family Self Defence Academy invited The Great Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm, the founder of Hanmudo Korean Martial Arts to run a seminar and Black Belt Grading test at Family Self Defence Parramatta.

Shekhar Shenvikerkar is a one of our dedicated Black Belts who learnt Hanmudo under Master Kamran Mirzai at our Parramatta branch. Read below and find out why he learnt Hanmudo (Korean Martial Arts) at Family Self Defence Parramatta.

Martial Arts at Parramatta

Shekhar Shenvikerkar at Parramatta Family Self Defence

What Martial arts mean to me?

Fighting?NO!!!. It’s a means to improve ones own self – to tune it in such a way that the mind and body are in complete sync all the time. In this tuning journey you also learn self-defence when required you can defend!
But to attain this fine tuning of mind and body through martial arts requires strong WILL POWER, lot of HARD WORK and an OPEN MIND ! And a strong support from family ?. The  journey has no destination.. It’s a way of life!
I chose this journey initially for weight loss and a passion for martial arts! But as I progressed I realised that the benefits are far beyond just weight loss! It’s about self-cultivation!
As any journey this journey also has its own story to tell..Always testing your limits.. Limits to withstand pain, pushing yourself to be better than yesterday.
For me, the initial training months were filled with body pain, thoughts of giving up and minor injuries trying to stall my training! But as the days went by.. The pain reduced and body got accustomed to the training routine!
It is also a common misconception that martial arts means always getting hurt! NO it is not! Training is always in controlled environment. Every sport has its share of injuries too! And you can get hurt anytime even while crossing the road! The fear of getting hurt is not an not choose this path.
Today I can stretch well (as I keep improving my kicks),minimise injury  or not get injured if I fall by accident ( by practicing my falling techniques), defend myself if need be (by the continuous practice of techniques) and concentrate better and Will power keeps improving as I continue to learn new techniques.Something I would laugh off 3 yrs back.. The kungfu and karate movies I have watched since my childhood days .. Now I can do a few of those moves myself!! And it certainly feels great! All this I could achieve due to  excellent instructors and moral support from my wife!
Not the Belt colour but what you learn and continue to improve is important! I am still a student and will continue to be!
I strongly recommend that anyone can take up martial arts (no age bar) to not only learn self-defence techniques but also gain physical and mental benefits.