Phoebe Valent

Family Self Defence Black Belt

I initially started because my parents wished me to find some sort of sport to stay fit with, and because at the time I was interested in doing some sort of yoga or meditation to improve my stress I thought it would be a good idea. I also had a slight interest in the art of self defence, but I didn’t know it was a martial arts academy until I did my very first lesson. While the first lesson was interesting yet exhausting, it took a few more lessons to feel ok with Han Mu Do, for the most part.

I can see my confidence has improved. I don’t get as worked up about what other students, my teachers and my parents think of how well I do in Han Mu Do as I did when I started, and this has even helped in school with stressing out about what other people think about my subject choices. Nonetheless I want to improve this as I still get stressed about this.

Of course my fitness has improved, although not by much in honest. Though I have gotten better at pacing myself to let my energy last and my physical resilience has certainly improved.

I have certainly feel more fulfilled doing a sport, especially one I enjoy. The techniques are interesting and it felt great when I managed to do well in activities like sparring.

I could try to list many more but many aren’t immediately obvious to be honest since it feels like it’s been so long that I can’t really remember what I was like before. These are as many things as I could think of while typing this essay.

I certainly want to improve my self-confidence so I will feel more certain about myself and less concerned about what others think. I plan to join the adults class about by the time I finish school, and I hope by focusing more on my development and what that development means to me I will eventually get easier on myself. While I know a bit of stress is important to maintaining focus, much of the stress to do with my self-confidence isn’t very helpful because it bogs me down. Fixing this can be very helpful to my social life and my future career life.

Improving my fitness further is an additional goal, but only because I tend to worry about it sometimes. I don’t care to be buff more that I care to be healthy.