Nalin Mastou

NalinMartial Arts you may think is an important sport to learn. However it’s much more than just self defence, it’s the hours and hours of hard work and dedication you put in that has an impact. Receiving my black belt in Hanmudo after years and years of training has made me question, what was the purpose of starting, why I like martial arts and what have I learnt from it?

Firstly, I started Martial arts in the year 2010 aged 8, alongside my older brother. At first my parents went to only sign up my brother as I was already doing swimming. However after staring at the dojang, I started to think of how much potential I could have in achieving lifelong skills both physically and mentally. Therefore, I was placed in L – Dragons which at the time was a suitable class for my age. My mother believed that if she would sign me up, I would become stronger not just in fighting but also smarter in the mind. Knowing that your child can defend themselves will always put everyone’s mind at ease. It was also a really good idea to participate in such a prestigious sport in which I could become a very active, athletic and confident person both at school and in the real world with the dreams of one day earning a black belt.

Secondly, martial arts has become such an important aspect in my life supported with my positive attitude and enthusiasm in every session. There are many reasons why I appreciate and love martial arts. The fact that I can just forget about everything negative that may be affecting me as soon as I punch the punching bag becomes the biggest reason why I adore the sport. It’s such a great stress reliever where I can just focus all my energy, power and speed into that one kick, strike or technique. By participating in the sport for such a long period of my life allows me to have a lot of leadership roles in the hope that I can help other students to reach their goals. It has inspired me to adapt a healthy lifestyle to assist the hard work that goes into every training session. The learnings of many techniques and strikes have given me the fundamental ability to defend myself in what could be a dangerous situation. I also have developed a kind interest in Hanmudo in particular as I’ve realised that in many ways, it is combination of other types of martial arts that just focus on one defence skill.

Lastly, the important question to ask myself is what have I learnt from martial arts? With all the determination and effort that has gone into my training, I can confidently state that I have learnt a whole lot from the teachings of Hanmudo. I have gained the power to be able to connect with the mind in order for it to control the body, self-respect, tolerance against pain and tiredness, focusing and even breathing skills have all contributed to my knowledge in martial arts. I have learnt endless amounts of techniques, sparring, grappling, defence against weapons and many other self-defence skills. Most of all my traits and capabilities I hold has been influenced by the arts and discipline of Hanmudo.

Martial arts teaches you the important mental, physical and spiritual aspects needed in life including self-control, fitness, self-esteem and motivation. I’ve started martial arts in the hope of achieving a higher rank which I have, however I want to continue my journey to set even higher standards for myself. I believe that martial arts is the way of life as it keeps me connected to my passions and goals.