Adult Martial Arts Program

I don’t blame you if you think that Martial Arts and Self Defence might be too hard for you because you are too old, unfit, overweight, or it is dangerous etc. You may have other reasons, but you will have a different opinion if you read the following:
My name is Keyvan Mirzai and I am the owner of the Family Self Defence and Fitness Academy. I am going to tell you how you can be proud of your Fitness, Self Discipline and Self Esteem while you are having fun and enjoying your progress.

What we teach is an ART:

Art of Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Defence, Coordination, Fitness, Concentration
Unfortunately, in most “martial arts movies”, we only see martial artists working out too hard, every day, for hours, and martial arts schools seem worse than army barracks and there is always someone bleeding or hurt and so on. Well, my answer is: “We don’t have these things in our classes”. You can work out hard if you want to, or you can just do it for self-defence, fitness and to improve your self-esteem.

Our classes are not just about punches and kicks but we use them in order to achieve our goals.

Most of our students were members of health clubs and they got bored with them. The problem with them is that you always do the same thing over and over. You can be in there for a few years and still be doing the same thing. To ensure that our students never get bored with our program, we make sure that our classes are not the same old routine.
Our instructors receive new routines and ideas each month from the USA. With the wide variety of punches, kicks, knees, elbows and stretching exercises, you’ll never get bored of doing the same routines over and over. Our classes utilize all the latest equipment to keep classes exciting and to help you develop your skills faster.

In our program, you always learn new techniques and with our encouragement, you try to master them. We never talk about fitness to you, what we emphasise is learning the techniques and performing them as well as possible. Our programs engages your mind and body.

As you are trying to perform the techniques you are getting fitter without even knowing it. Have you ever noticed how martial artists have very toned bodies? They look like they spend hours lifting weights; the truth is that most do not lift any weights at all. It’s the same look you’ll get from kickboxing. You’ll get tight buns, toned legs, a flat stomach, and a strong upper body.
In our school, you don’t have to keep up with anyone and you learn on your own pace. That is why you are not TOO OLD or TOO UNFIT to take our programs.

Our method of instructing will help you develop a sense of Self-Discipline that encourages you to participate and perform 10 out of 10 without being asked.

You can have a rest or drink whatever you want!

You can go through the ranking system. The ranking system will help you to find out about your level of fitness and techniques. It will also help you to set a short-term goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it. As you progress you will get more confident and fitter.

It is normal to think that Black Belt is TOO HARD to achieve

But with our teaching method you will learn it easily.

Our goals at The Family Self Defence and Fitness Academy are to improve your:

1. Fitness: Unfortunately, some lifestyles can become lazy. If we want to go shopping we use the car even if it is only walking distance and many other things like: (Bpay, internet shopping and so on). However, it is healthy to have some sort of physical activity. I personally recommend our (Kickboxing, self-defence and fitness) classes.

Increase physical work capacity (strength, endurance)

Increase cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency.

Decrease risk of coronary heart disease.

Change in body metabolism (e.g. reduce level of obesity)

Delay of physiological ageing effects.

Decrease risk of coronary heart disease.

Psychological effects (e.g. stress reduction, increased self-confidence)

Lose weight and trimming the body

Our classes take the best out of an aerobics workout (excitement, energy, and fitness) and mix it with the best out of a Martial Arts class (self-defence techniques, kicking, punching and blocking). This blend is a fun and effective workout which makes you proud of yourself and what you are doing.

2. Self-Defence: (There is no better feeling than knowing you can defend yourself if you ever have to) These days, we don’t know what is waiting for us or our family around the corner. As we always say, self-defence is a necessity, so it is better to learn it rather than regreting that you didn’t. With increasing violence in our society it is wise to learn how to protect our family and ourselves. Of course avoiding or calling the police are the best ways but sometimes you can’t always avoid it. If it is too late to call the police and there is no one to help us, what can we do?

Do you want to see yourself or your family hurt? Or do you want to defend yourself and remove yourself from the situation as quick as possible?

We leave the answer to you but bear in mind that sometimes you can’t compensate a loss.

3. Self-esteem: You will believe in yourself more than before by learning techniques that might look impossible for you to do now. Yes, you start with very basic kicks and punches and then before you realise, you will be doing techniques that you would have only dreamed of doing.

You will be proud of yourself by learning that nothing is impossible and everything is achievable if you persevere. Do not think that you are a slow learner and that you won’t learn like others might. We will help you through the techniques and make sure that you learn them.

4. Self-discipline: Our school is about improving your self-discipline. It is about following your dream and proving to yourself that everything is possible if you put the effort in. Our programs are about decision making and goal setting. You will strengthen your self-discipline and show more perseverance in order to achieve your goal. As you know, people with strong self-discipline have been leading the world, managing big companies and achieving their goals easier while others struggle to achieve their goals, finding a job etc.

5. You will have FUN: The reason our program is successful is because we make the classes fun. We believe if people are having fun, they learn much faster.