Kids Martial Arts, Confidence, Focus & Discipline Program

  • How important is your child’s Discipline to you?
  • How important is your child’s Confidence to you?
  • How important is your child’s Focus to you?

Kids Martial Arts from 3 yrs at Five Dock, Parramatta & Castle Hill.

Kids martial arts and self defence classes can make a profound difference in the life of a child. From confidence and self-discipline to physical fitness, training with Family Self Defence Academy helps the child hone a well-rounded set of practical and personal skills that will stick with them for life. Children who begin studying Kids martial arts at a young age have the edge by the time they reach their teens, so it is a good idea to have them start learning early. Read more below.

Kids martial arts Self Defence and concentration

Our kids martial arts instructors are trained to teach children from the age of 3.  Many of our new enrolments have come from referrals as people have heard good things about our kids martial arts instructors. 

The benefits of Kids martial arts training at Family Self Defence  Academy begin with the body and extend to the mind, spirit, and soul. Concerted effort in daily drills helps younger children to develop their gross motor skills and coordination through repetition of precise motions based on martial arts techniques.

For younger children in the 3 to 5 age range, we offer fun games and other activities to lay the groundwork for later training without leaving young children bored or overwhelmed. Children in a slightly older age group begin to learn the basics of discipline, diligence, and perseverance by participating in more advanced and more challenging drills. In all cases, the primary goal of our instructors are to help kids develop the fundamental skills that they will need in all future training, rather than trying to teach them the full range of martial arts techniques right at the start.

In addition to its intrinsic value, Kids Martial Arts program has the potential to help young kids in a variety of other activities, particularly sports, gymnastics, and dance. Physical strength and the ability to move the body in a coordinated fashion have wide ranging applications, and a training course at Family Self Defence  Academy is an ideal way to help instill those abilities in children as young as 3.


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We teach children from 3 yrs at Five Dock, Parramatta & Castle Hill.