Harrison Siv

It was my parent’s decision that I join Family Self Defence when I was very young. This is mainly because I lacked confidence when presenting myself to others and speaking in front of the class. For me, I wanted to enhance my endurance so that I could come first in the one hundred meter freestyle race. I also needed to improve my concentration because I was easily distracted and would often miss key points when reading and interpreting texts. Lastly, I joined Family Self Defence to learn how to be persistent and not give up easily when faced with difficult tasks or challenges.

From doing Han-Mu-Do, I hope to learn techniques which could be utilised for mine and others’ self defence, so I can protect myself and feel safe while traveling to and from school. I also hope to gain improved physical strength, stamina and to become fitter, as these will help me to perform better in various sporting activities. I also want to improve my mental health to have a longer attention span and be more focused during class. Having a better mental health will also improve my happiness and help me to cope better with stress.

I want to continue with Han-Mu-Do to become better disciplined so that I can improve my self control to always do the right thing and not become a bad person, to always be respectful to elders, and to be able to set and pursue life-long goals. One of my goals is to achieve my Black belt in adult class as it would significantly boost my confidence. Having a black belt means that I have succeeded in one of my life-time goals, and others will show respect towards me for my persistence, dedication and discipline. Since joining Man-Mu-Do my self esteem has risen and this is another reason why I want to continue.