How important is Physical and Mental Health? Castle Hill Yoga can help you to achieved your goal.

Our Castle Hill Yoga classes at Family Self Defence Castle Hill are not just a workout but a harmony of conscious breathing and intelligent movements. Castle Hill Yoga is much more then being flexible or sweating it out. It is meditation in motion. There is great emphasis on being present and breathing throughout the Yoga sessions. Castle Hill Yoga classes will be tailored according to the need of the individual or the group. We take into consideration the mental state of our students while teaching Yoga because different postures have different effect on the state of mind. We also incorporate simple pranayama (breathing exercises) exercises for the beginners to prepare them for meditation and relaxation. We at Castle Hill Yoga usually finish our Yoga session with conscious sleep (Yoga Nidra).

Our Castle Hill Yoga classes at

Family Self Defense Castle Hill:

Improves your flexibility

Builds muscle strength

Perfects your posture

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Protects your spine

Betters your bone health

Increases your blood flow

Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

Optimise your blood pressure

Regulates your adrenal glands

Makes you happier

Founds a healthy lifestyle

Lowers blood sugar

Helps you focus

Relaxes your nervous system

Improves your balance

And more

Mr. Yogi is one of our Head Martial Arts Master at Family Self Defence Academy as well as our Yoga Guru at Castle Hill Yoga. He grew up in India so Yoga was never a foreign concept. He has “played” with yoga nearly all his life, was introduced to it at the age of 5 or 6 by his grandfather and uncle. At the age of around 14 years, he started doing his regular Japa meditation (Chanting of sacred Mantra).
He now focus more on Dhyana (Meditation) which is the Seventh limb of eight limbs of Yoga. He believes main purpose of Physical asanas and other limbs of yoga is to prepare one’s body and mind for the meditation. This is because it is the last step before Samadhi (realization of oneness with all that is /liberation/Moksha/ True nature). It is very limiting just to focus on Asanas (physical postures) in our Yoga practice. He Gave up his full time job in 2004 to follow his heart and passion. He graduated from nature care college with the diploma in yoga teacher training. He has been teaching yoga full time since 2006/7. And not a day go by where he doesn’t thank God for guiding him to this wonderful path of Yoga (Union). When he teaches, he does his best to let his students know that “turning ourselves into a pretzel is not going to make us any happier then we already are”. But if we learn to live in this eternal now, we’ll experience the joy and peace ever present in this present moment.


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