Alexander Vincent

Martial Arts Black Belt at Family Self Defence Five DockWhen I joined Hanmudo :

I joined Hanmudo around nine and a half years ago back at the age of five right around the time I was in year 1, which I am now just finished year 9.  

Why I joined Hanmudo :

I had joined Hanmudo  at the time originally because I was really unfit and didn’t do much exercise at all, and was really still, however when my dad and I had found out about martial arts specifically, where I could learn self-defense and how to defend myself if I ever get into a fight or get bullied we knew that Hanmudo  was definitely the thing for me.    

What have I achieved:

Throughout all my times at Hanmudo  there has been a lot that I have achieved and am very proud of. More specifically a couple of the things I’ve achieved that I’m proudest of include: Achieving my black belt, getting much fitter, dedicating a major portion of my life so far to something I love, persevering on during some really tough lessons and grading’s, and achieving the best me I couldn’t have been without Hanmudo.