Black Belt Attitude is the road to success

How do you define Black Belt Attitude? Some view it as the unwavering feeling from within that empowers self- confidence. Others say it’s an optimistic outlook that influences the way they view the world around them. However, every future and current black belt student would agree that having a Black Belt Attitude is an intangible benefit, giving those bestowed happier and more fulfilled lives.

Black Belt AttitudeMartial arts training at Family Self Defence is about teaching us that we can accomplish great things. Becoming part of the Family Self Defence Black Belt Club is your recognition that you can attain an extraordinary goal. The fact that you made this decision is key to developing your Black Belt Attitude. It not only says, “Yes, I can achieve success,” but it also says, “I will achieve success.” Unfortunately, this “attitude” is a rare characteristic in people. It is more common to be uncertain than it is to be self-assured and confident. One of our goals as instructors is to help you develop your Black Belt Attitude so that you may attain your potential.

Remember the old adage: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This saying demonstrates part of the Black Belt attitude. The average person has been taught that failing is “bad,” rather than every “failure” is a learning experience. Therefore, some don’t try at all and many never try more than once! Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost every election, but one, prior to being elected president of the United States? How about Thomas Edison? He failed more than ten thousand times prior to inventing the light bulb.

As you learn your martial arts skills at Family Self Defence, your Black Belt Attitude will shape and develop special meaning for you. It will empower you with optimism, confidence, and maybe even simply happiness.