Learn Martial Arts to play better Soccer

Martial Arts learning will improve Soccer skills

Does your child run after the ball but he doesn’t get enough chances to kick it?

Does your child look careless on the Football or Soccer field?

If yes, then it can be he lacks confidence. He runs after the ball but he doesn’t fight for it. He gets the ball but then he gives it up shortly after.

Kids martial arts and Self DefenceOur classes at Family Self Defence Five Dock, Parramatta and Castle Hill have the potential to help young kids in a variety of other activities, particularly sports, gymnastics, and dance. Physical strength and the ability to move the body in a coordinated fashion have wide ranging applications, and a training course at Family Self Defence  Academy is an ideal way to help instil those abilities in children as young as 3.

Our unique personal development program will give your child the mental strength and discipline to train harder with confidence.

In all cases at Family Self Defence Five Dock, Parramatta and Castle Hill, the primary goal is to help kids develop the fundamental skills that they will need in all future training. Children in a slightly older age group begin to learn the basics of discipline, diligence, and perseverance by participating in more advanced and more challenging drills.

Just telling your child that he should have more confidence is not good enough. We at Family Self Defence have a unique way of improving your child’s confidence.

Call us on 9744 7055 if you would like to improve your child’s confidence, coordination, and Discipline.