Grappling for Children

Grappling is an unfamiliar field for some kids.

Being pushed down by another kid or just a simple fall down can be scary for some children.

New students should learn how to fall down safely first. In our Grappling for Children program we teach these through a series of games we have. This way they are having fun and they learn too.

Parents can be a big help if they practice the same drills of Grappling for Children at home or just simply supervise the children so they don’t hurt themselves.  Of course if parents are unsure then they should not let the children practice at home as they may hurt themselves if they do them wrong.

Takedown is one of the main subjects of Grappling for Children. Teaching the takedown techniques would be easier once the children learn the falling techniques.

Students who have done Grappling for Children program for a while are expected to know the falling technique. They should be able to perform them faster and smoother.  But if they are still unsure about the falling techniques then they should talk to their instructors.