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I’m sure you might be asking yourself…..
“How is it, that our Teens Martial Arts at Family Self Defence can develop Laser Sharp Focus, and Un-shakeable Self-Esteem in a way that no other sport or activity can?”

If you ask 100 of our teens martial arts students, and their families why they continue to study at Family Self Defence, you are likely to hear a variety of answers.

The popularity of martial arts today can be attributed to the multitude of benefits martial arts training offers. I can think of no other activity that offers such a diversified list of benefits to participants of all ages and genders, and to students who range from the physically fit to the physically challenged. And while each of us may start out seeking a particular benefit, martial arts training takes us down a path where we discover that we are gaining so much more. The positive, nurturing environment in our Family Self Defence Schools can have a significant impact on a student’s self-esteem, and strength of character.

Our teens Martial Arts classes are part of our unique program which strives to make teenagers ready for the real world. This program is not about kicks and punches; in fact we don’t want our students to be just kickboxers. The techniques they learn are only tools to find the true meaning of Martial Arts. They will learn many techniques (like using the opponent’s power against himself, as well as kicks and punches), putting aside the physical aspect of martial arts, lets talk about the mental aspect of it.

What makes our teen Martial Arts classes at Five Dock, Parramatta and Castle Hill different from other schools or activities is that we place emphasis on the mental aspect of the martial arts as well as the physical aspect. We believe that with mental training, our students can achieve anything they want (like a high level of physical development and fitness, or academic achievement such as a PhD). Physical training alone, cannot prepare teenagers for all aspects of life.

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We teach at Five Dock, Parramatta or Castle Hill.